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Why does the Bible, on its first page of Genesis, state that God separated the waters above from the waters below? Newer editions of the Bible may have removed this!!! My old RSV version states it CLEARLY. My newer Good News Bible removed those words entirely. Jason at Archaix dot com could have the answer. He maintains that we're in a simulation. He calls it the Simulacrum and asserts we live under a vapor canopy. The Great Flood was caused by a collapse of the vapor canopy. The fantastic part of all this is that he takes NOTHING from the internet. He's got hundreds of old books and gets everything from those old books. He's got a lot of vids on YT, also has his own website. I prefer to watch him on YT. It's surprising they haven't removed him. On YT search "Archaix".

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I am a Buddhist and I have been always annoyed when the Dalai Lama was giving credit to "science". Even if that time nobody was speaking of the new religion "Scientism". I never trusted science.

And I believe that the discoveries that have made our lives more comfortable came from technicians, not "scientists".

But the level of lies you are showing is enormous! This is not even a new religion. It's superstition to an ininmaginable extension!

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